Silicon Valley Burlesque Academy

Welcome to the Silicon Valley Burlesque Academy.


Burlesque is powerful.

It combines subversive storytelling with the power of the liberated body, and it allows you to express yourself in ways that other forms of dance may not be able to. 

You do not need a background in dance to tell your story with burlesque. You do not need to twirl tassels or perform feats of strength or flexibility. All you need is a good idea and a body.

Whether you’re just looking to learn the bump and grind or get your hands dirty with choreography and storytelling, you can take lessons with us, either in person or using the magic of the internet.

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Meet DeeDee Queen.

DeeDee Queen is a burlesque, pole, and drag artist who has twirled tassels from Anchorage to Amsterdam.

She teaches burlesque and storytelling and co-produces Curtains Cabaret, a theatrical burlesque company in Redwood City. She is also the co-producer of this summer's, Nearly Naked Broadway. 


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