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DeeDee Queen is the founder and producer of Nearly Naked Broadway. She is the headmistress of the Silicon Valley Burlesque Academy, where she teaches chair dance and burlesque skills. She has twirled tassels from Anchorage to Amsterdam and is currently putting the “broad” back into “Broadway” in shows around the Bay Area.


Known as "the kitten the cats prefer", Kitty KaPowww clawed her way into the Bay Area Burlesque scene. She debuted at "Bombshell Betty's All Kinds of Sexy" burlesque benefit in April 2016. Two months later, she formed Hex in the City Burlesque with a few like-minded, sparkly witches. She produced her first cabaret in Dec 2016 with Hex in the City Burlesque, and has achieved a growing amount of success since. 

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Known as the Bengal Bombshell, Tas Al-Ghul (fka Tas DeVille) is an LA-based award-winning performer is a curvy queer femme South Asian-American Muslim cosplayer, model, and performance artist who uses her art to explore various societal topics, including race, sexuality, and heritage. She has been featured in shows, festivals, and convention panels from coast to coast.


Dorian Dietrich, the Towering Tease, has been bringing audiences to their knees since her debut with Mynx D'Meanor's Fishnet Follies Classic Burlesque Revue in 2016. With legs for days and pipes that shake the rafters, this sultry songstress is heating up stages across the Bay Area.

Whether it's a nod to the gender benders that blazed the way, a pinch of dark cabaret, or a little clowning around, you'll never know what comes next with Dorian ...

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Kiki la Chanteuse has been professionally singing for the better part of 20 years, but 2 1/2 years ago she fell in love with burlesque. She decided to combine her two passions into one. She has been performing all over the Bay Area, as well as at festivals in Tucson Arizona, Houston, Texas, Humboldt, CA, and Montreal, Canada. She will also be heading to festivals later this year in Columbus, OH, Philadelphia, PA, and Toronto, Canada, as well as performing in a ton of local Bay Area shows.